Why Mellen?

Mellen is known throughout the industry for our personalized service and support. We ask the right questions of you and work together to ensure your furnace is operating and producing at its optimal level. After receipt of shipment, we follow up to see how our products are working. Our goals are to see how our product met expectations, answer any questions, and maintain a helpful relationship for the future. We put customer service as a top priority and pride ourselves on how we treat our customers.

What types of Mellen furnaces are the most popular?

Popular Furnace Models
Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (WxHxD) Element Type
NACCI 3 Integrated Up to 1250ºC 3"x6" - 3"x36" Series 12.5V
NACCI 6 Integrated Up to 1250ºC 6"x6" - 6"x36" Series 12.5V
SCR Buy Separately Up to 1250ºC 0.75"x6" - 18"x60" Clamshell
Microtherm Split Integrated Up to 1250ºC 0.75"x6" - 18"x60" Clamshell
Versa Integrated Up to 1250ºC 6"x6"x6" - 6"x6"x18" Flat Plate
MV Integrated Up to 1325ºC 9"x9"x9" - 18"x16"x18" Vulcan
MS Integrated Up to 1550ºC 6"x7"x6" - 16"x16"x16" Silicon Carbide
MD Integrated Up to 1800ºC 6"x7"x6" - 16"x16"x16" Moly Disilicide

What is the temperature range of Mellen's furnaces?

Mellen offers furnaces capable of exceeding 2500ºC (4532ºF).

What atmosphere options does Mellen offer?

Mellen creates furnaces that operate in all inert atmospheres, air, and vacuum.

What size furnace options does Mellen offer?

On a furnace-dependent basis, Mellen has created furnaces with an ID of as little as 0.75" and 2.0" long to an ID as large as 30.0" and 60.0' long. We are happy to offer any size in between. Please bear in mind we are always willing to work with you to create any furnace size you may need.

What control systems does Mellen offer?

Temperature Controls

Am I restricted by voltage requirements?

No. Please specify your needs and we will do our best to meet your requirements. The following voltages are standard: 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 360V, 440V, and 480V. Please let one of our sales associates know if you have other voltage requirements.

Does Mellen offer used furnaces?

Yes. Mellen frequently offers refurbished models or furnaces that have had prior use for sale.

Does Mellen repair furnaces?

Yes, and depending on the furnace, we also repair some competitor's models as well. Typically there is a 3-4 week turnaround.

What other products and services does Mellen offer?

We offer many products for your high temperature needs, including heating elements, thermocouples, motion systems, control systems, heat treating, lab space and services, and waterjet cutting.

Are all of Mellen's products made in the USA?

Yes! All of Mellen's products are designed, manufactured, and tested in the United States. However, we ship all around the world!

As always, if this product does not meet your requirements, please contact us. Mellen will work with you personally to create a product that best suits your needs every time.