Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (WxHxD) Element Type
BF Buy Separately Up to 1250ºC 6"x6"x6" - 60"x60"x120" Flat Plate
MV Integrated Up to 1250ºC 9"x9"x9" - 18"x16"x18" Vulcan
MS Integrated Up to 1550ºC 6"x7"x6" - 16"x16"x16" Silicon Carbide
BS Buy Separately Up to 1550ºC 6"x6"x12" - 60"x60"x120" Silicon Carbide
MD Integrated Up to 1800ºC 6"x7"x6" - 16"x16"x16" Moly Disilicide
BD Buy Separately Up to 1800ºC 6"x6"x6" - 60"x60"x120" Moly Disilicide

Mellen's industrial box furnaces are designed with a reinforced, double-walled steel shelf construction for a safe, cool exterior. The design allows the furnace to maintain its shape through repeated thermal cycling. The double pivoting door design used with the industrial box furnaces safely keep the hot face away from the operator when accessing the chamber.

As always, if this product does not meet your requirements, please contact us. Mellen will work with you personally to create a product that best suits your needs every time.