Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (IDxD) Element Type
NACCI 3 Integrated Up to 1250ºC 3"x6" - 3"x36" Series 12.5V
NACCI 6 Integrated Up to 1250ºC 6"x6" - 6"x36" Series 12.5V
TC Buy Separately Up to 1250ºC 1.25"x4" - 6"x36" Clamshell
TT Buy Separately Up to 1200ºC 1"x36" - 8.875"x36" Solid Tube
TV Buy Separately Up to 1325ºC 2"x4" - 48"x600" Vulcan
TP Buy Separately Up to 1450ºC Custom Sizing Available Platinum
TS Buy Separately Up to 1550ºC 2"x6" - 9"x36" Silicon Carbide
TD Buy Separately Up to 1800ºC 3"x6" - 14"x36" Moly Disilicide
TI Buy Separately Up to 1450ºC 1"x0.5" and Up Sunfire
TM Buy Separately Up to 1700ºC 1"x36" - 8.875"x36" Molybdenum
TG Buy Separately Up to 2500ºC Custom Sizing Available Graphite

The TV model is designed to be perfectly round.

Rocking Furnaces

The tube furnaces can also be converted into rocking furnaces. The rocking furnace is capable of reaching up to 1550°C and is designed to keep the workcharge in motion. It is capable of continually stirring a process any size from tabletop to industrial.

As always, if this product does not meet your requirements, please contact us. Mellen will work with you personally to create a product that best suits your needs every time.