Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (WxHxD) Element Type
Versa Integrated Up to 1250ºC 6"x6"x6" - 6"x6"x18" Flat Plate
ECO Integrated Up to 1250ºC 4"x3"x7" - 4"x1"x7" Flat Plate
MV Integrated Up to 1250ºC 9"x9"x9" - 18"x16"x18" Vulcan
MS Integrated Up to 1550ºC 6"x7"x6" - 16"x16"x16" Silicon Carbide
MD Integrated Up to 1800ºC 6"x7"x6" - 16"x16"x16" Moly Disilicide

The MV, MS, and MD box furnaces safely keep the hot face away from the operator when accessing the chamber. The Versa furnace is designed with a sliding door which requires a single finger to open.

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