Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (IDxD) Element Type
Microtherm Split Integrated Up to 1250ºC 0.75x6" - 18"x60" Clamshell
SCR Buy Separately Up to 1250ºC 0.75"x6" - 18"x60" Clamshell
SV Buy Separately Up to 1325ºC 2"x4" - 48"x600" Vulcan

The split design provides easy access to the chamber for loading and unloading.

Round Split Furnaces

All split furnace models are also available in a round format, which is designed to fit in the minimum amount of space with a round outer shell. The single goal of the round split furnaces is economic use of space.

Expandable Split Furnaces

The split furnaces are also capable of being designed as expandable split furnaces. This design is necessary for customers in need of additional length. The expandable split furnace is easy to assemble and includes functioning lights and multiple zones.

As always, if this product does not meet your requirements, please contact us. Mellen will work with you personally to create a product that best suits your needs every time.