Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (IDxD) Element Type
Rocking 12.5 Included Up to 1325ºC 3"x6" - 12"x48" Vulcan
Rocking 15.5 Included Up to 1550ºC 3"x6" - 12"x48" Silicon Carbide

The rocking furnace is capable of reaching up to 1550°C. It is designed to continually stir any size from tabletop to industrial.

The rocking furnace is designed with a customized yoke assembly to fully support the furnace. The assembly is mounted to a floorstand and provides a rocking mechanism. The standard rocking mechanism can produce horizontal excursions of +/­- 60 degrees at a rate of 240 degrees per minute. In addition, customizable rocking mechanisms are available. The assembly includes a manual shut off timer capable of up to 100 hours.

The elevator speed can be changed before, during, and after the run for optimal ease of use.

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