Model Catalog Controller Temperature Range Heated Length (IDxD) Element Type
TT Buy Separately Up to 1200ºC 1"x36" - 8.875"x36" Solid Tube
TV Buy Separately Up to 1325ºC 2"x4" - 48"x600" Vulcan
TS Buy Separately Up to 1500ºC 2"x6" - 9"x36" Silicon Carbide
EDG Included Up to 1700ºC Custom Sizing Available Temperature-Dependent

The Vertical Bridgman System was created to facilitate crystal growing processes. The system can include the TCAS or ADAPT System. Each of these systems offers unprecedented control stability and includes a Windows PC.

Mellen's engineering staff is ready and excited to work with crystal growers to help understand and contribute to the design process.

Control Systems

Computer Control Systems

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