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NACCI Furnaces. Up to 1250ºC in air.

The NACCI Furnace and Integrated Controller is perfect for individuals who want a high quality, easy to use furnace without a high price tag. The furnace typically ships the same day.

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Nacci Furnace

Lab Box Furnaces. Up to 1250ºC in air.

The Versa box furnace, as pictured, operates up to 1250ºC in air. It is designed with a specialized door assembly, which can be slid open with a single finger.

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Versa Furnace

Industrial Box Furnaces. Up to 1800ºC in air.

Our most popular box furnace. This furnace has an industrial, rugged design, while focusing on user safety.

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Industrial Box Furnace

Microtherm Lab Split Furnaces. Up to 1250ºC in air.

The Microtherm Split Lab Furnaces are a versatile furnace design capable of meeting many customer requirements. With built-in control system and power supply, these furnaces come completely prepared for any laboratory work in one trim package.

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Microtherm Tube Lab Furnace

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About Us

The Mellen Company is a 50-year-old family-owned business that offers a variety of standard and custom furnace models. From fiber draw, annealing, crucible, industrial, heat treating, split tube, box, lab, and crystal growth furnaces, Mellen has your needs covered. Check out our products for more information. With top service and excellent packages, you won't have to go far to find the furnace that fits your budget and requirements. A Mellen heating element utilizes high quality ceramics and high purity wires. If you are looking for flexibility and great customer service, Mellen is the place.

We can raise your operating temperature in more ways than one...the hotter the better.

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Mellen Laboratory

Mellen tests its products using the Mellen Laboratory, and experiments with components, atmospheres, and materials to ensure and maximize the life of each model.

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